Dan Heary Reports,Front row for the Mall Cop

September 17, 2014


2 (5) 1 (6) In its ten years I never did watch the “The King of Queens” [no reason] but found that Kevin James is a tremendous stand up comedic.  After lake diving on a Saturday afternoon, I drove over to the Mohegan and caught the nearly sold out show [surprised me].
     Not knowing what to expect, I found myself laughing at one of the funniest and cleanest stints I have ever heard.  One should keep in mind bartenders tell jokes, and comedians tell stories [usually true ones] with expressions and some embellishing.
     The forty nine year old veteran of every late night talk show was even keeled and down right funny.  He talked about his weight and how his wife asked: “have you eaten lunch yet ?” and his response was… he “didn’t know because he had already eaten so many meals”.
     There are few great comedians around nowadays, sure we all have our favorites.  But the top three are probably Dunham, White, and Lewis Black.  I am going strictly by “butts” in the seats, for there is a difference between class”A”=10,000 and class”B”=1,500 and your local “funny joint” serves chicken wings and Sam Adams on tap.
    He spoke of his weight to a friend once who recommended “fish”.  James said he didn’t like fish and his friend stated-”after awhile you will get used to it”…James stated,”I am already used to steak and cupcakes”.
    It also appears that James is very loyal for his opening act is Richie Minervini.  Richie owned the first club James auditioned in back in the day and never gave up on Kevin.  RM had a nice comment where he stated-”my wife said I was great in bed last night…..I stayed on my side and didn’t break the pillow barricade”…lol….
    Brat “The Mall Cop” rocked…good time had by all.
Dan: From the front row
FYI–James before King of Queens was
         on Everyone Loves Raymond