Dan Heary gives 60′s insight into The Blues Breakers

February 17, 2015


  Well it all started in the 60′s with John Mayall & The Blues Breakers, who had over 50 performers through the years.  Eric Clapton [Cream], Peter Green [F-Mac], Mick Taylor [R Stones], and many others.  To be brief, their was quite a bit of alcohol and drugs [unusual] and many went their ways.
    Mayall disbanded and Peter Green along with Mick FLEETWOOD and bassist John MC-vie formed Fleetwood Mac [original members].  Green left because of drug addiction so Christine McVie [John's wife] became keyboard and vocalist.  Soon after Lindsey Buckingham and his gal Stevie [package deal] from the San Jose State dropout program were asked to join.
    I know this is difficult to follow for I had a trouble as a DJ when it all went down.  Men are usually [at that time] considered to be, well, PIGS….this band was a tad different as Christine was having multiple affairs with the bands sound man and Beach Boy drummer Dennis Wilson….thus “You Make Loving Fun” became a huge hit [but you now know the meaning].
    Part two of the female overdrive sessions was Stevie’s obsession with Joe Walsh and long term romance with Don Henley [Eagles] along with an affair with married Mick Fleetwood……[whew] again leading to Lindsey Buckingham’s song “You Can Go Your Own Way”.  The album RUMOURS was a tremendous album, achieving I believe #5 or #6 all time selling album ever, along with album of the year and decade [70's].
    Christine reunited with the band for the first time in sixteen years and truly performed well and added so much to the show.  I had seen F-Mac five times in ten years and now with an overpriced concert [$200+ lower level] at the Mohegan Sun, it was awesome.  The show had two encores and thirty plus songs.  She [Christine] is 72, and hearing “Over My Head” for the first time ever put my mind at rest for it was surreal.  A great time had by 10,000 standing folks for three hours of sing along.
Dan from the front row
FYI-Dennis Wilson wrote – I Write The Songs for Barry Manilow

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