Dan Heary meets up with Jerry Seinfeld

December 9, 2013


     It was cold outside but warm in the Foxwoods Grand arena as Jerry Seinfeld brought humor to a superb continuous level on Saturday [12/7] to a sold out high energy crowd.
     The Brooklyn native’s show started promptly with standout veteran Mario Joyner stating he was “the guy who talks while people are being seated”..[laughter].  Joyner has a four star resume from MTV, Chris Rock, and years as Seinfeld’s great opening act.
     What now transcended was a smooth timeless flow of stories and humor [without a profane word] that had tears, clapping, strained jaws–well you get the gist.  The 59 year old father of three asked  ”when you invite kids over to visit yours, is it me or the other kids just don’t look right…?
     In comedy the “segues” are usually short, fifteen to twenty minutes in most clubs.  The more polished entertaining comedic takes control from the “opening bell”.   No “A” lister starts with ”  how we doin’ tonight Buffalo ?”.  By taking control immediately with a strong “belly buster” the comedic has you and proceeds smoothly.
     There is a saying, “bartenders tell jokes, great comedians tell funny stories”.  Seinfeld told story after story as he had laughter a flow.  Another unique moment had to do with “E D”.  JS stated “why would anyone wait four hours to see a doctor ?, he would put a ‘poncho’ over himself and be there after two hours…the things that turn on doctors”….[laughter].
     No props, no yelling into the mike, no ethnic put down, no notes–just good ole school humor that had 10,000 feet standing at the conclusion.
      Seinfeld’s manager of  thirty three years “Georgie” Shapiro has to be the most  accommodating  gentleman I have ever met [1200 shows].  This man deserves 18 holes of golf, a week in Aruba, and a Rolex.  He is the definition of “professional”, in ALL the avenues….a pleasure.
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Special Thanks to “Marketing 451″
Dan: From the front row
FYI–Of the thousands of TV shows, Andy Griffith and SEINFELD are the ONLY two shows to leave TV ranked #1 ?