Dan Heary Rates Lampanelli The “QUEEN” of Insult

December 17, 2013


Lampanelli The “QUEEN” of Insult
      A snowy Saturday night at Foxwoods in December will be forever remembered as Lisa Lampanelli had a near capacity crowd trying to remember line after line as she fired away for 90+ minutes.
      LL makes her idol Don Rickles seem like a priest and Dice Clay couldn’t change a tire on her car.   She is original and rules “RAUNCH”.  This slim woman that lost 107 lbs. unites the crowd by offending EVERYONE as your “gut” and “jaw” were aching.  If one is “thin skinned” or thinks they are “politically correct” stay at home and watch The Lifetime Movie channel.  This was big boy “stuff”.
  d2   I would love to give our readers a few of her story lines but 1% would write their congressman whom is most likely having an affair with his or her intern and complain.  Mrs. L has a great memory of getting married to hubby Jimmy [Big Balls] Carnnizzaro.  They met on a Sirius radio show and the same age [52] tavern owner emailed her and a three hour phone call later led to a fantastic friendship and marriage.
d3 (1)    Like many comedic in life it is rough and a late start, ask Carrey [30+], Dangerfield [40+], Carroll O’Connor [40+].  Also many are highly educated: Chase, Martin, Wilder, and yes Lisa.  This risqué woman of “oral bluntness” went from Syracuse to B.C. to Harvard and on to critically write for The Rolling Stone”….a yelp.
   It was not until she tossed the keyboard and continued standup along with “x” rated humor on the Comedy Central roasts that this sultanas of tongue became embedded into our minds.  She has had a few “B” films, but the stage and her personality is where it’s at and belongs.
   Off the platform she and Jimmy are kind, and inseparable.  When the 90+ minutes are over, it is Lisa the Lamb.
Dan: From the front row
BTW:  They went on a weight loss program together
and Jimmy “Big Balls” can press 500 lbs.  I call him “sir”
Next @ The Woods– Comedic John Moses, Dec 19th-21st – 4 great shows