Dan Heary Reports, Billy Idol @Foxwoods

June 3, 2013


 MGM Had “FLESH” For Reality

    As Billy Idol Rocked

A big “WOW” to kick off the summer of 13′ at the MGM Grand.  A 57 year old stud crosses the pond to rock the walls at “The Grand” for a solid two hours.  Yes, the shirtless V-cut, six pack dude with ‘guns’ had everyone rush the stage faster than Rosie O’Donnell at a free buffet.
       As “Disco” ended in the late 70′s and ‘FM’ radio was playing the Eagles, Doobie’s, andFleetwood Mac as their sister ‘AM’ played the Go-Go’s and Hall and Oates-”Punk Rock” had a commercial mini run before classic rock became classic.  There were the likes of The Ramone’s, Sex Pistols, The Clash and of course you had your own at that time or even now with “Weezer”.
     3  Solo wise there was none better than Billy Idol.  After a few failed attempts with unknown bands and members [Generation X] he finally struck the charts with “Dancing With Myself”, a re-release from “X” and “White Wedding”.  From there with great guitarist Steve Stevens four albums came out in a six year period with great covers of the Door’s L.A. Woman and Tommy James’ Mony Mony [which everyone sang the wedding lyrics version].
       The fist pumping energized fans were treated to a great ballad of “Eyes Without A Face” as Idol shook hand after hand at the stage and tossed autographed Frisbees to the crowd that varied in age.  During his playing of “Rebel Yell” I had a Rebel Yell of my own as the woman next to me was trying to toss her bra up to the stage, she was in her early 60′s.[just kidding].
      6  A nice touch from the encore was an acoustic beginning to White Wedding with Stevens and then an 118 decibel all ahead full followed by Mony Mony.  I am writing this article from the Front Row eating pop tarts and drinking vitamin water at 4 AM.  WHY ?.  because the mini spiked hair,  PX-90 William Michael Albert Broad did NOT play Cradle of Love [my favorite] and I am waiting till next year in anticipation.
       Next at the Grand on June 13th and 14th it is “Old School Hip Hop” with the likes of DMXand Naughty by Nature.  Tics on line as well for their comedy club, COMIX.
Dan from The Front Row
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