Dan Heary Reports, “SNL” @ Foxwoods a Stand Out of Stand Up

May 27, 2013



MGM Hosts a Standout of STAND-UP
     It is safe to state it wasn’t “open mike’ night or a warm up act but rather three veteran SNL alum on their 25 th reunion tour.  The MGM Grand was a two hour home for Kevin Nealon, Dana Carvey, and Dennis Miller to a near capacity house that never stopped laughing.
   3  Nealon opened the evening with a monologue chatting about traveling and having to witness and assist in his wife giving birth to their only son.  The veteran writer, comic and TV star [Weeds] stated he was in charge of the IPOD and music during delivery but finally joined in the procedure.  He noted that he later “help give birth to four other babies”.
     Carvey, the former nine year vet of SNL discussed family [parents] and 6presidential issues.  It was rather humorous how he orated how each president would define certain major crisis’ verbally.  W-2 would use one word and Obama would voice a lengthy sentence of nothing.  Carvey made mention of his son wanting to open a dough nut shop that sold marijuana and name it “Glazed and Confused”.
5 Then it was “Miller Time”.  From SNL to MNF to radio and The O’Reilly Factor-Dennis Miller mentioned the most similes ever in a half hour set.  As most have already guessed from start to finish Miller discussed Obama Care and “immigration” and had a word or two about Nancy Pelosi.  In a side note he referenced Steven Wright’s point that “Humming Birds hum because they forgot the lyrics”.1
     Following the trios performances was an audience Q&A which the three  talked of the past and made light of one mans Q of-”have you thought of doing a reunion tour ?”.  This such individual most likely thought “Gunsmoke” was still on TV.  The three also mentioned Jonathan Winters, Milton Berle and Steve Martin as some of their mentors.
     From a show that was doomed for cancellation in the 70′s to launching the careers of hundreds of writers, actors, and comics, the MGM Grand gave us two hours of the best of SNL.  Next on The Grand agenda is “Flesh For Fantasy” with Billy Idol on June 1st, at 8 pm. [book on line].
Dan: From The Front Row  MGM Hotel Fox woods Casino Resort