Dan Heary Reports, Front Row Magic @ MGM Grand

May 19, 2013


  From the early ages to Houdini, the Blackstone’s and even Chris Angel, folks still love the art of being “deceived”.  Penn and Teller displayed what I call liberal comedic illusions to a sold out house at Foxwoods MGM Grand.  In other words, WOW, haha, and don’t try this at home.
     Penn Jillette and Ray Teller met in the mid 70′s and over many films and TV show appearances still had the house leaving amazed.  Their cable show “Bulls**t pertained to myths that folks again were being deceived not just by “trickery” but companies and products, the paranormal, religion, politics and even conspiracy theories.  Their “magic” worked, for the show aired for eight seasons on Showtime and was nominated for 11 Emmy’s.
    The long time Vegas residents of the “Rio” took off twelve days to entertain other parts of the country that can’t come to them to be entertained on an incomparable level of no deception and no diversions.  Eight of their eleven illusions consisted of random folks from the huge living room at the MGM.  Yes random, no “plants” as Penn orated about no such thing as esp, psychis, and other forms of trickery.  He went on to even display Teller doing a diversion of a cigarette being lit from separate angles to fool the public.
     Two unique parts of their performance that standout are the burning of the American flag and its re-appearance blowing in the wind, and Teller’s famous “Rose Shadow”.  These are the signatures of this duo that have made them renown illusionists.   In closing Penn sat on the stage and  described how he started as a “fire eater” and explained how it is not a trick, but the real deal as the closing of the mouth cuts off the oxygen and thus no flame.
     It was great to see no levitation, women being sawed in half and someone handcuffed in a tank of water.  After the show both men were in the lobby signing autographs and taking peoples cell phones and taking the pics as patrons were in awe of the Philly, Pa. [Teller] and the Greenfield, Ma. [Penn] hosting the largest “meet and greet” ever.
     A special thanks to the MGM & Foxwoods staff and security that made this article possible for you with their hospitality and kindness.  On the venue next at The “Grand” is May 24th, with ”An Evening of Funk” with Parliment, Morris Day, and The Ohio Players.  The next night on Saturday the 25th it is a no brainer with Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, and Kevin Nealon–purchase tics on line from Foxwoods.
Dan: From The front Row
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