Dan Heary Reports, Winter Shark Feeding

February 23, 2015


  10838107_862307897123060_7828671646369096907_o Fables, tales, myths and media hype is what gives SHARKS a bad rap.  They are all related someway: Tigers, Hammerheads, Lemons, Reef, Makos and the rest are swimming nicely in warm ocean water as the human invades THEIR territory.
    Many divers and experts know the “SHARK” does not prefer human blood or humans for that fact.  There are less than one hundred shark attacks a year [most in "down under"], and they are brief as the shark repels away from the subject that is now missing a hand or foot.  Once the shark attacks, it immediately retreats and continues its search for fun.
    It is known that the “shark” likes warm water and is attracted to 10397299_862308297123020_1812835907644412403_o copysplashing like a surfer [stupid for being in the area]  who continues to flirt with danger.  They [surfers] are the most likely to be nipped at and now use “personal water crafts ” {PWC] to get to and return from huge waves.
    That being stated, yours truly, went shark diving and feeding in January down in Jupiter, FL for six dives of HEAVEN in three days.  We were down about 150′ and had tremendous visibility [never seen this in 1600 dives] along with countless sharks there was also my “fav” shipwrecks.
    10865711_862307877123062_7754243925074084497_oWe used “yellow snappers” cut in half that we speared for bait that attracted the sharks, which by the way have the same scent mechanisms as normal aquatic life.  In other words, they cannot smell for miles.  The shark can go months without eating and enjoy, like us, a good ole’ fish meal-not humans.  They are attracted to “motion” and noises.  We would tap our spearguns together and their curiosity would draw them, near and we fed them.
    Enjoy the pics of Florida that was 78 degrees and the H2O was 76 top and bottom…..and yes that is me feeding a shark…:)
Dan: from 150 feet under
FYI-Sharks fear dolphins