December 20, 2013


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     On a snowy Tuesday night SHRINE nightclub danced the snowflakes away with Techno, House, Electronic, Club, Trance—your choice.  All are at 120 BPM [beats per minute] as their Christmas party was a four-star night.  A touch of Miami-Boston-NYC and it’s own “aura” a great time was had by all including this writer.
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     Offerings of great food, private bottles, plenty of creative space and more, this club has been rated in the top 100 for five continuous years in the good ole USA.  The key to my night was no one or anything was “OVERBEARING”.
      The sound levels were perfect and thank you Shrine for NOT having an over abundance of lighting.  One could converse nicely as an array of beverages were flowing from a great staff as foam glow sticks waved through the air with their own uniqueness.
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     Let’s see- Great- food, artwork, manicured staff, valet restrooms [SPOTLESS], sound-oh yeah clientele.  I was truly caught off guard by the dress and courtesy on the dance floor and tables.  The age was 25+, mostly couples and so polite, [and not because I had the camera]–many please and thank you.
     For $20 a couple [average], one can feel comfortable with no profanity around your circles or uneasiness as it is a unified happy non formal “Soiree”.  To be put in Hampton Beach [home town] terms-Shrine was a “blast”….go there.
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Dan: From The Dance Floor
BTW: “The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with.”
Therefore:  Merry Christmas