Dan Heary, Soccer Dad Solution

November 6, 2014


          Yours truly once again had the luxury of shooting a championship soccer game in 5-1 2_copyCt.  This match was between Westport and Wilton [blond hair and blue eyes--$$] and was for the “cup” in the eleven and up [11-14] division.
           I shall set the scene from 11/1/14.  It was 41 degrees, raining, extremely windy and obviously outdoors in that fine town of Farmington.  There were awnings, tents, umbrellas, lawn chairs with accessories better than “ADA”.  I was in awe of the number of “SUV’s” in the parking lot and the CHILDERN’s equipment bags that made the World Cup look like “Bambi”.
         Now, I have never had offspring [yes believe it] but coached and photographed enough events to realize 11-14 year olds like slurpees, sleepovers, selfies, Spongebob and sports.  Nothing has changed over the years except if your kid goes to a camp or two he or she should be starting.  Just ask DAD [soccer moms are out].
        The father somehow puts his 35 year old body and frustrated athletic letdown into his sons or daughters 80 pound mind and goes ballistic on most anything.  If the toilet doesn’t flush in the restroom he blames the “ref” and the other team.  Twice during this game Westport was warned that they would be “flagged” for being on the field….blah….blah…
One DAD asked if the picture I took of a “sweet” goal was going into the newspaper ?…I replied, “has your team won ?.  Westport lost 3-2….yea…lol
       So I am for a “SILENT SATURDAY’S”.  You kids have fun, for there is NO loss but a lesson.  Dads and Moms, put a lid on it.  Once your mouth opens more than 1/2 inch your self owned taser collar goes off.  The other proposal is ALL parents watch on “closed circuit” TV inside and are allowed to throw bagels, hot chocolate, mineral drinks, and trail mix at the HD plastic covered TV screens and vent because THEY NEVER MADE IT as a second stringer on their high school Audio Video club.
Dan from: Yuppie Heaven
FYI: With weather like it was I wore a 3mm wetsuit under my clothing [toasty]