David Decoste gets high marks from conservatives

May 19, 2015


10382627_10152075620666400_6804799360241916914_nState Rep David Decoste was sent to Beacon Hill with a clear message from the  conservative fifth district of Massachusetts, Stop the insanity! In a one party state such as ours, where reps are forced to go along to get along, to march lockstep with the leadership no matter how far they stray, it is not easy to stand tall.  With only a few roll calls unders his belt  David Decoste is scoring some high marks with the good folks at Project Vote Smart.

National Rifle Association 86%

Ma. Citizens for Life 100%

Gun owners action League. 94%


Decoste is not just bucking the democrats, he and a handful of real conservatives are calling out the minority leadership that often caves in the majority with little more than a gentle breeze. The only republicans who backed O’Connell’s budget amendment proposals that would force house members to record a vote on all amendments  include Whitman’s Geoff Diehl, Billerica’s Marc Lombardo, Uxbridge’s Kevin Kuros, Andover’s Jim Lyons and Norwell’s David DeCoste, among others, according to Abington conservative Geoff Diehl.

The unions, the tax spend and tax some more types, the special interests and the abortion industry no longer have the fifth district in their pockets.  Let’s keep it that way!  daviddecoste027c