Derek Ewell and the BHCTC Ready to Roll!

June 28, 2011


It seems like just yesterday that four men from completely different places and times with different expectations entered the thick woods of Beech Hill to consider working together on a trail project. Brian White, Lance Cummins, Derek and Justin Ewell had a date with destiny that chilly March morning. As we walked from Beech Hill to Camp Susan along that mountainside, we all seemed to know that great things were about to happen. Just as Nelly May Hannigan had predicted in this very month 110 years ago, when she wrote that the Beech Hill Area would someday boast wonderful parks, we knew that after a century and a decade, she was right. The ball fields of Millbrook and French’s Crossing with their elaborate swings, slides,  climbing sets and basketball courts were just the beginning .  Now, Derek Ewell and his Beech Hill Conservation and Trail Club are ready to unveil the biggest one of them all -  a world-class 1.5 mile, gravity-powered Mountain Bike Trail that runs from the highest point in Plymouth County to Camp Susan in Whitman. A 100-acre, old growth forest where wildlife abounds is the backdrop for this completely natural and primitive trail that has been carved into the hillside. No one has worked the property harder than Derek has. His signature is on every one of more than a dozen structures installed along the trail. He has put in multiple hundreds of hours and dollars on this project and will unveil the new trail complete with signage on Sunday.

Today, Derek Ewell has invited all Rocklandites and their guests to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony. Here is a letter from Derek.

Hello all…Just wanted to formally invite you all to attend the opening of the main line of the new multi-use trails on Beech Hill. We are hosting a kick off and “ribbon cutting” on Sunday, July 3rd, at 10:00 a.m. The trail head is on the Abington/Rockland Joint Water works lot which used to be the location of the standpipes/water towers. There is plenty of parking off the side of the street. There will be refreshments and a grill running for your enjoyment, free of charge. We will be having two guided “runs” through the trails – one for mountain bikes and one for hiking.  Also, we will be unveiling the new sign and name of the recreational area as well. It should be a fun time for anyone who wants to be a part of it. Hopefully, you will join us in welcoming another outdoor recreational option for the people in the surrounding community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Just be sure to put “trail” in the subject so I will not delete as spam. Or message Brian or myself here on Rockland News.

Sincerely, Derek Ewell

Beech Hill Conservation and Trail Club