“DISCO” Lives for Two More Hours @ Foxwoods Resort, Dan Heary and the Sunshine Band

May 27, 2015


“DISCO” Lives for Two More Hours
    1 (1)  It {DISCO} was marketed for 5-7 years and that’s what happened from 1975-1982.  ”Dress to impress” and “touch dancing” swept metro and resort areas as the “rednecks” bought earplugs and became determined to destroy “mirror balls”.
      There was the popular likes of Donna Summer, Bee Gees [brothers Gibb's]. MJ, Village People, O’Jay’s, Gloria Gaynor, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and The Gang, and my favorite K C and The Sunshine Band.  Well KC didn’t disappoint as a woman had me doing the “bump” in the aisle to “I’m Your Boogie Man”.
      Harry Wayne Casey [63] stated he was “an original member2 (3) of ‘NSYNC’ and Justin Timberlake would look like him in 30 years” [paunch].  The Miami based ensemble brought energies with horns, dancers, vocals, and lots of lights.  The stage was a continuous array of quick moving and singing from side to side as the HOUSE and KC brought the 70′s back for a small period.
  3 (6)    I remember as a DeeJay in Boston The Rolling Stones said they would NEVER make a “disco” version of any of their songs.  Well that changed as they released a 12″ version of their all time #1 seller “MISS YOU” which was 8:41 in length.  Yes Disco had input.  Therefore “If That’s The Way You Like It, Shake Your Booty and Get Down Tonight”.
Dan: From The From Row
BTW-Fav Disco song =”Born To Be Alive”