Doobie Brother’s 46 years later, 5 Stars

April 25, 2016


Doobie Brother’s
46 years later = 5 Stars
     12998379_1124642524222928_3549383960372835851_o It all started in Northern California 46 years ago and has NOT let up.  The San Jose area formulated some talented “rockers” that had their own style.
      Their rock style was unique and quickly propelled Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons into two of the best performing lead guitar players.  After their first album, the next three produced multiple charting hits, such as Black Water, Rockin’ Down The Highway, China Grove and many more.
       With Johnston taking ill [ulcers], band member Jeff Baxter [formerly of Steely Dan] suggested to add Michael McDonald.  MM was a song writer and singer for Steely Dan which dissolved in the mid 70′s.  The problem arose here quickly as MM was mostly a blues artist in a “rocker” band.  The band tried to “cover Johnston’s songs, but nothing was working so the band slid downhill like so many do.  The band broke up for five years [82-87].
       In 87′ Johnston reunited with Simmons and great multi talented John McFee [every instrument] 13029657_1124642617556252_2472390240402451774_oalong with horns and double drums, the touring took off in a hurry for this hall of fame group [2013].
The Foxwoods Grand Theater was a sold out standing “KARAOKE” concert for all knew the lyrics [yes I was one] of the solid eight piece ROCK band.
       Whether it was Long Train Running, Take Me In your Arms, or Road Angel – we all LISTENED TO THE MUSIC.
Dan from the front row

Article and photos by Dan Heary   click to enlarge photos .

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