East West Parkway Connects Rockvegas to South Field.

July 5, 2011


Looking west into South Field from Weymouth Street Rockland.

East-West Parkway

The South Shore Tri-Town Development Corporation awarded a design-build contract to Barletta Heavy Division, Inc. last October of  construct the eastern segment of the first phase of the East-West Parkway (Station 109+00 to Weymouth Street). Site work commenced in October 2010.

In January of this year, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation awarded a design-build contract to SPS New England, Inc. (SPS) of Salisbury, Massachusetts to construct the western segment of the first phase of the East-West Parkway (Hangar 1/Shea Memorial Drive to Station 109+00). To date, the land has been cleared from Weymouth Street in Rockland to the F4 landing strip in the heart of South Field. Now the Tri-Town Committee is seeking a suitable name for this new road. We’ve been asked to request name ideas from the Rockland people for this great short cut.

If you have a name idea you would like to have considered or have any questions or concerns related to the East-West Parkway project naming, please contact Jim Young (Primary Contact) at 781-682-2187, x102 or Mary Cordeiro (Secondary Contact) at 781-682-2187, x100

Some early suggestions include.

The Mike Z Bypass.

The Donald Cann Asphalt Trail.

The Eric Hart Transfer Line   

AW Perry EZ Pass

 The Mary Parsons Polluted Parkway

The Rockland Energy Committee Pass Over

Keep those suggestions coming!