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October 15, 2014


nyman5From Obama to Patrick to Keenan and Nyman, a system of failed policies has left our nation on the brink of ruin.  From full grown men being granted  access to the ladies restroom, to passing a cowardly backroom deal to increase the gas tax automatically to avoid being accountable to watchdogs and voters, it’s out of control. The one party, nanny state, here in Massachusetts has become rife with corruption from top to bottom. Often reps and senators just go along to get along, caving into the strong arm pressure from party leaders on everything from transgenderism to global warming.  Even in the Justine Pelletier case, our elected officials turned a blind eye to the rights of parents and basically sanctioned  the kidnapping and incarceration of an innocent child for the purpose of medical experimentation for over a year.  Not a peep from our reps.  They sit silent while our DCF agency neglects and  abuses children, some even unto death all in the name of party unity.  The support our local politicians have given to Deval Patrick has enabled him to tour the world promoting Obama policies of appeasement, apology and weakness.  Our sacred holidays and holy days have been dissolved; we have sold out our own citizens while breaking the bank to accommodate law-breaking illegal immigrants. We now indoctrinate our children not with American exceptionalism but with leftist ideas that we are somehow an evil nation. Kids are now saturated with adult sexual themes in the name of tolerance. We have appointed unelected activists in the schools to indoctrinate children in this new humanist religion.

Not to mention all the money!  Let’s not forget South Weymouth!  They squandered tens of millions on a real “Bridge to Nowhere” and then have the audacity to name it after an opportunistic, blowhard drug lord like Bill Delahunt. They collect nearly double the national average for the DOT and blow the money on Nanny State Signs, police details and lucrative salaries and pensions, then ratchet up the gas tax to cover up the mess.

We need conservative-minded leaders who want to fix the problem not become embedded in it with a lifetime career on the dole roll.


If things don’t change soon and change big, there will be nothing left to fight for!

Give us a chance to survive! Sweep out the House and Senate on Beacon Hill!