Empire brings The Lodge from blight to beauty

October 1, 2012


When the Empire company first put its name on the old Tiffany Nursing Home lawn, the place was a disaster. Cosmetically,  structurally and  politically, it was thought by many to be a lost cause. However, Jimmy Reardon saw a diamond in the rough in the former old-age home. He and his crew have been picking away at the ancient institution for a few years now, from shingles to wires to windows. Fences to pipes and roofs to shutters and paint, the place has been done over from top to bottom. The Lodge now even boasts some beautiful decorations that give the century-old building a level of curb appeal that it has never enjoyed before. Things have improved inside the lodge as well, with little or no trouble with the police in recent months; and the Lodge has managed to stay out of the newspapers. Few projects in Rockland can match the fantastic transformation of  this historic property. All done in a down economy where repair money is in short supply. Rocklandnews.com salutes Jimmy Reardon, Billy Murphy Jr. and the entire crew, residents and friends of the lodge for taking this building from town shame to a historic restored treasure!


The Lodge, Making Rockland a great place to live