Ewell Trail Devastation.

July 1, 2013


DSC03922Nearly two years to the day of the unveiling of another Rockland jewel atop Beech Hill, the Ewell Trail sits in ruin. The harsh winter and spring downed hundreds of trees and mountains of brush making the trail all but impassable. Right from the outset the trail head has a huge oak fallen over the Ewell Log Ride and just gets worse from there. Anne and Dave’s trails are both blocked by fallen timber, Standpipe meadow, Aaron’s gulch and the path to Camp Alice Carleton are all blocked by fallen trees and bending brush. A fallen pine has displaced the stone work at Long Bridge creating a huge water filled hole at the entrance.

The good news is all the structures engineered by Derek held up perfectly. The entireDSC03889 area needs an army of volunteers to restore it to its original condition, set aside continuing with the planned expansions.  What is needed is chainsaws, rakes, weed whackers, brute strength and a group of volunteers to clear the path.  The dog days of summer are no time to be doing this kind of work, so please stay tuned to hear plans to get back out there and “Get ‘Er Done” as soon as the heat breaks.


The Ewell Trail of Beech Hill, Use it or lose it.