Flamingo Flock Returns to Beech Hill

September 12, 2012


When Zoe Childs asked her mom and dad if she could go on a school field trip later this year Rudy and Lori said, ” Sure, of course you can.”  An excited Zoe was thrilled with the news and then blurted out that the trip was to Europe and would cost around three grand.  After Rudy got back up off the floor, he said there were two options, start raising money or practice your long distance swimming skills.

Zoe has been saving her pennies, doing chores and collecting cans. Her latest brainstorm involved a little investment of her savings.  Zoe bought twelve Pink Flamingos and started a new craze – “Flocking .”   Zoe started out with a neighbor. She sets up her Flamingos on the front lawn when no one is looking and then leaves a note with instructions taped to the door. For a fifteen dollar donation, Zoe will flock the yard of anyone you request for twenty-four hours. This repeats itself over and over, and the donations roll in.

Recently, the flamingos were stolen from  a yard on Beech Hill bringing Zoe’s enterprise to a screeching halt.


There is good news, however.  Zoe has managed to replace the flock; and as a show of courage and  great resolve, she landed them right back in the place they were stolen from to relaunch the flocking.

If you would like to flock a friend or neighbor and help this ambitious go – getter,  contact Zoe at  301 277 3357.

That is Rudy’s cell phone number.

Zoe is approaching the deadline for the trip and is really counting on the flock to reach her goal of nearly 3k.