Fleetwood Mac Review, by Dan Heary and Brian White

June 25, 2013


fleet3 Well over-all, Fleetwood Mac didn’t disappoint in Mansfield, Ma. on Saturday.  As usual, the Comcast Center was over-priced in every way with the one exception being  the free RV parking. We rolled into Mansfield with ten fans aboard and opened the slide-out in the vast grass covered RV lot at the Comcast Center. Only three other rigs shared over an acre of prime real estate only steps from the venue entrance.
The Clintonian collection of sixty something’s  put on a stellar rock and roll extravaganza showcasing their record smashing litany of hit song after hit song.  Stevie Nicks was near perfect in her singing reproducing the original sound of the recordings to a capital T. She did ramble on a little too long a little too often but she did make one thing perfectly clear, she will never be known as a storyteller.  In fact it seemed all the bandmates were prone to chatter and wasted a lot of time doing it.
 fleet2     In the mid to late 60′s John Mayall and The Bluesbreaker’s had more members [40] than John Mayer had girlfriends.  This commune had Clapton, Mick Taylor [Stones], Jack bruce, Peter Green, Bob Welch-well you get the picture.  Mayall eventually left because of all the drugs and alcohol [shocker for that era] involved.  ”Druggie” Peter Green tried to keep the band together with “alkie” Fleetwood.  This didn’t work out [shocker again] so Mick Fleetwood along with bassist John McVie hired San Jose St. dropout Lindsey Buckingham to be their new lead guitar player.  But there was one little twist, it had to be a package deal.  Therefore Stevie Nicks, Lindsey’s girlfriend [and dropout] became their female vocalist.
     In Mac’s early years [70-73]] they had some changes but were set as the quintet was

Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood photo by Dan Heary

complete with Christine McVie in 74′.  A great song “You Make Loving Fun” was actually a reality as Nicks was intimate with Mick, and Christine was with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson and others before him as Stevie moved on to Don Henley for years.  They both made Madonna look “Like A Virgin”.

However as Lindsey Buckingham noted during the show, there are still a few chapters left to write about Fleetwood Mac and this remnant of hall of fame rockers proved him true. Their whirlwind world tour takes them from LA to Auckland in just under a year. Each show is a cookie cutter copy of the last with each  offering up a hefty portion of their  best loved  tunes along with a lot of what appeared to be their favorite tunes. Some of which  sucked the energy out of the room quicker than Barry Obama at a gun show.
Sad Angel” is a new driving pop rocker featuring those trademark Buckingham/Nicks vocals, along with a searing guitar line and thunderous drums. This was the first time I ever heard the song but before it was over it was embedded in my head.
Fleetwood Mac was everything I hoped they would be. The look, the sound, the stage and the show all lived up to the highest standards of live rock and roll.
Fleetwood Mac, We went in the RV, you should go your own way!
co authered with Dan Heary and Brian White all photos are from Dan Heary’s file.