Forest Still Workers Needed!

March 19, 2012


Third bridgeCan you rake, scrape, clip, brush, cut, pull, snip, lift, drag, snap or snag? The friends of Rockland Park Lands will take to the woods this and every Wednesday at Five PM from the highest point in Plymouth County. Project director and mountain biking mastermind, Derek Ewell, and as many as we can muster, will hit the Ewell trail with rakes and blades.  You will be amazed how fast the work goes when there is a motivated group of volunteers on the same page.


Ooops, was supposed to say Forest Workers Still Needed. 

This property has so much potential. Brooks and streams can be cleared, stone walls restacked, a beautiful boulder field can be exposed and raked out with just a few man hours. There are dozens of Holly Trees bound up in briars that can be set free and pruned.  The original 1 mile trail is in great condition; and the rough cut is done for a new loop trail that will allow hikers to walk a 2.2 mile trek around the property and not step on the same trail twice. This trail just needs further raking and some bridge building.  We have discovered very old stone cutting areas, a man made berm that may have operated a mill, miles of stone walls, gurgling brooks, rare trees and plants including a wild scallion patch. The wildlife is varied and abundant also.


This property abuts the100 acre Beech Street Conservation area that we have not even stepped foot on yet.


So much to do, so little time.


Come out and be a part of the latest Rockland Treasure Each and every Wednesday at 5 pm


Bring your rake or trail tool of choice, wear  gloves and shoes, and meet us at the summit.


Wednesdays 5pm.  Trail Tours Available!