December 16, 2013



Chris and Co Captain Crystal

1465134_10202977001974811_1578465207_n (1)Chris Whitley,  former Turtle in Training for the Cross Roads Athletic Club won the coveted Bite Me Bait Company Fisherman of the year election Saturday Night at the Clubs annual Christmas party. Whitley was a long-shot to win the most astute angler designation due to the fact he had a late start this season after some major back surgery. Not to worry though, that portly pack of pickerel poachers that are the Cross Roads Athletic Club Turtles, whipped Whitely into shape before midseason.


Wes take yet another keeper

Whitley, who will now be known in the BMBC family as Wes E Gusset, is the latest in a long line of great outdoorsman to take the BMBC Trophy and become a charter member of the club and be given a club name.

Wes E Gusset’s new cabin cruiser may sleep six adults but Whitely was not on board to count sheep, he was counting fish. Contrary to numerous rumors his Turtle friends were not the only thing flopping around on the deck of his yacht this summer. Blues, Stripers, Black Bass and Tuna all landed on board from June to October winning Whitely insurmountable 252302_410588215646924_2093755419_npolitical capital and momentum going into this year’s election. It  was not without controversy however, several members of current FOTY Mike Anastasia’s crew sent in absentee ballots from Florida. Many members objected to this new absentee ballot rule but Grand Pooh Bah, Peter “Rock Bottom” Cahill ruled in favor of Whitley declaring Wes E Gusset  fisherman of the year elect. A formal ceremony along with the peaceful transfer of the coveted BMBC trophy will take place on New Years Day at the Winter Headquarters on Saquish.


Captain Wes E Gussett aboard the mighty Rum Runner


Congratulations Chris Wes E Gusset Whitley! Now take your place in infamy among the best and brightest of the Bite Me Bait Company!