Forward? An Op ED from Tacks2death.

September 17, 2012


One of the campaign slogans of the Obama re-election effort is “Forward”.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  I mean, after all, who would want to move backwards? But that is of course what the Obamites are accusing the other side of doing, and this is the kind of simplistic, mindless voter the campaign is sadly geared towards. I’m old enough to remember that “forward left” was also a favorite political slogan of the Soviet Union and its socialist/communist allies in Eastern Europe a few decades ago. Coincidence?

But a look at the facts suggests we are not moving forward at all……

The middle class in this country is taking a shellacking, and it is so complete, and so thorough that I’m finding it hard to believe that is merely the result of gross incompetence anymore. Our savings, our property values, our buying power, indeed our unique way of life, the result of decades of American exceptionalism, is fast eroding.

The U.S. Census just published data, that supports this contention, showing the decline of the median household income in this country, and it’s not good folks.  Adjusted for inflation, our household income has plummeted to levels not seen since 1995. We are going backwards, (17 years to be precise, so far),–not forward!  To add to this erosion of wealth, in just under four years, our property values, depending on which part of the country you live in, have plummeted anywhere from 20% to fully one third of their values from just a few short years ago.  Suddenly that “can’t miss” investment in real estate you made years ago, is not looking so hot. Let’s all pause for a moment to give thanks to the social engineering do-gooders that came up with the “Community Reinvestment Act” and the thousands unqualified mortgages that resulted from it, that ultimately crashed the economy in 2008.

On the employment front, the administration and their sycophantic supporters in the mainstream media herald the creation of “X” number of jobs in the monthly job reports, while simultaneously ignoring that often “2X” to “3X” discouraged former workers drop out of the job market, and cease looking for work. During such reports, the workers that drop out, generally cause the reported rate of unemployment to actually go down. That is because the overall workforce in America is shrinking.  This idiotic way of measuring unemployment in this country is a huge deception.  Think about it: By their definition, we could get to 0% unemployment next month, if everyone who has been seeking a job, would simply stop looking for work!  Wow….that would be great news wouldn’t it?

And there’s more bad news in the past few days from our “friends” at the Federal Reserve. They have just decided to do round three of “Quantitative Easing”. (Round I and II having been shown to be such overwhelming successes – roll eyes). This is an impressive sounding term that refers to firing up the presses and simply printing more currency. This is a huge mistake.  This will erode the buying power of each dollar currently in circulation as abundant examples in history have previously demonstrated.  So what does that mean to you? It means that while you continue to earn the same number of dollars, the price of everything goes up. Why? Because you can’t simply print money to bail yourself out of an economic crisis. It has never worked. How many of us have seen the photos of pre-WWII, Weimar Republic Germany, where the government attempted to fix their economic woes by printing more cash? There were photos of people with wheelbarrows of Deutsche Marks being taken to market to buy a loaf of bread.

It is never the solution. Think of it this way: Suppose we run the presses enough to print up a million dollars cash to hand off to each household in the U.S. Hey, cool! We’re suddenly all millionaires!  Does your common sense actually allow you to think that will solve everyone’s economic problems? Of course not. The money won’t be worth anything, because it is not backed by anything of value.  Well, the Fed’s Q.E. III is applying the same concept, and the result will be that everything will cost more…..and that’s the intent. It’s a hidden tax folks! But why are they doing it?

They are doing it because their mission is to offset some of the federal government’s massive $16 TRILLION in debt obligations. This is a number of irresponsibility so staggering that it’s almost impossible for most people to contemplate. This is money the federal government has spent above and beyond the trillions in taxes that they collect. And forget about fixing this by raising taxes on the so called “rich”.  You have to be a complete pinhead to fall for that class warfare crap. Folks, there has been study after study done. Look it up! You could tax these people at 100% and take away everything they have, and not even come close to fixing this mess.  Even the politicians pitching that idea know it’s not a solution, but it does serve as a perfect distraction for the chronically simple minded. So instead of raising taxes on the middle class and poor, which would be met with nearly universal disapproval, a piece of the debt obligations (in this case government backed mortgages), will be retired, by “buying” it back with newly printed money, and the net result being the dollar will be worth less, and you will pay more for everything going “forward”. That’s why it’s a hidden tax on you!

The balance of this monstrosity of a debt will simply be kicked down the road, and passed on to successive generations to pay back, in the most disgusting example of intergenerational theft that has ever been known in recorded history. Your children and grandchildren will face a poorer standard of living, because idiots in your government, in order to maintain their cozy positions of power, could not keep themselves from chronically spending more money than they took in, and because of a multitude of idiot voters that keep voting them back in, because they foolishly think more and more government spending equals compassion, or they are a part of the ever increasing number, lacking any sense of morality,  that simply want their own personal “free ride” off the backs of others taxes to continue, even if it means we have to pass along a bankrupt nation to our children and grandchildren.

With all this as the backdrop, Barack Obama seeks your vote for re-election…….

BTW….What does he think of all this debt? Does Obama think we’ve spent too much?  Oh no. Quite the contrary in fact. Do any of you folks who are contemplating voting for Obama even know about the recent budget he submitted to the democrat majority controlled Senate? Now you have to admit, we’ve still got some big spending liberals in the U.S. Senate. Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, and even majority leader Harry Reid come to mind….but there’s so many more. In spite of the liberal, big spending leanings of many in our current Senate, how much support did Obama’s proposed budget get when it was put to a vote?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>   Answer: ZERO <<<<<<<<<<

That’s right. The deficit spending was so irresponsible that not even the most liberal of the liberal in the democrat party could justify voting for it. Not one vote out of 100.  When someone like John Kerry implies by virtue of a NO vote that you are an overly liberal big spender, you are clearly in a class by yourself. And BTW, what did the  lefty mainstream media have to say about this embarrassing vote of lack of confidence about Obama’s fiscal leadership?  Hmmmm……there’s those crickets again……

Folks, does any of this give you a clue as to how much trouble we are in, and how much more trouble we will be in if this man is re-elected?  Forward huh? Yeah…..forward right over the same waterfalls that socialist Europe is about to take the plunge over.  And there’s Obama in the lead canoe for Team America saying “Paddle faster. We need to catch up to those guys!”.



They (the International Left) don’t want the use of reason to prevail. If people can think for themselves then they’ll start wanting to vote for themselves. So if you can stop them from thinking for themselves, then the battle for dictatorship is essentially won.