FOX 25 Zip Trip Coming to Rockland.

June 10, 2013


ROCKLAND728x90 FOX25_Morning_News_to_Bring_Zip_Trip_to_RocklandFox 25 will do a Zip Trip to Rockland on June  28th.  This is  a really  good thing for Rockland.  Fox 25 has a huge following and this Zip Trip will introduce millions of Bay-staters to Rockland at one of our very best moments in time.  New schools, roads, senior center, accomplished government, as well as excellence in sports and entertainment from our youth are among the highlights.  This goes along with being chosen as one of the top communities in Greater Boston. Rockland’s infrastructure is second to none with our reservoir expansion, high water quality, our town sewage system, curbside trash pick up, our leading role in solar energy in our schools and the new Beech Hill solar array.  Our recycling center with its free loam and expanded Sunday hours of operations. Our increased bond rating and fully funded budgets. Our commitment to our library, to open space, to recreation, conservation and revitalization are all second to none on the South Shore. Our restaurants and hotels, our top-ranked nursing facilities and senior living communities, like Leisurewoods, Rockland Glen and Beech Wood are all hidden gems in Rockland.  Our many churches from Holy Family to Calvary Chapel, and our many civic organizations from the Eagles to the Knights, our Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels and a dozen other programs that help those in need. Our volunteers and everyday citizens who get up every day and work hard to make Rockland a better place. 

The Zip Trip will be held in field behind the new middle school and rumor has it that Mark Norris will be hosting a free wine tasting featuring some of  the best “breakfast wines” on the market


Yes, this Zip Trip is going to show thousands of people why our motto is:

 Rockland, A Great Place To Live!