Dan Heary Reports, Bob Seger, Rocklandnews Never Forgets

November 1, 2015


   Well, who is 68, has silver hair and beard, wears glasses, had 10,001 folks sing all 20 songs, sports a small Budweiser belly tumor, had 14 top 20 hits, and forced Frankie Valli to “lip-sync” 20 years ago ?.

       Why of course it is Robert Clark Seger of Lincoln Park, Mi. [10 miles South of Detroit]. 
Seger graced the 120′ stage of the Mohegan Sun with the original Silver Bullet Band [1974] and for 2 hours and 20 songs every seat was empty.  Everyone was standing and became Bob Seger themselves singing in the largest shower in the world.  From “You’ll Accompany Me” [1st] to “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” [double encore] became a flashback for many of their past.  And not surprising there were folks of all ages holding up cell phones, brewski’s, and I even saw a ‘glow stick” from a Frankie Valli show.
I don’t know how to categorize Seger’s “genres”.  keep in mind, San Fran based Creedance, Clearwater was classified as “Swamp” music.  So “HEAR” it goes–POP= Old Time Rock and Roll [Cruise in his BVD's]-BLUES=Turn The Page—Country= Against The Wind—Rock= Travelin’ Man-Beautiful Loser—Heartland=Like a Rock—Misc=Katmandu.
       Like all bands the early years were difficult.  It was The Bob Seger System that in 69′ released “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.  This soon to be classic received great radio play in the Mid-West and also featured Glen Frey [Eagles] on vocals and guitar.  The SBB was formed in 74′ and “Live” in 76′ was released [recorded at Cobo Hall-Detroit over two nights] and blossomed to multi platinum sales and was the first of 5 albums in a 6 year period.
    Seger took some years off in the 90′s and into the new century to rear his family in a township 25 miles Northwest of Detroit.  Seger is in his 2nd marriage and has a son [Cole-21] and daughter [Samantha-18].  Many people think that “Like A Rock” was written for the Statue Of Liberty [ "I stood proud, I stood tall ] or the fall of the Detroit economy [ "Working for peanuts, not a dime to spare"]–In reality after his first marriage [1 year] he dated a lady for 11 years and they parted.  Therefore the song relates to his 20 year past and windshield future.  The song was contracted by “GM Motors” for years and he can finally publicly sing it as he wrote the tune at an age of 38.
     My favorite song in his oral library was “Roll Me Away”…It is a play it, and crank it in the Mustang.  This lengthy review is a tribute to the definition of Rock and Roll, sorry Tool, System of The Down and Rob Zombie.  “Get Out Of Denver” was released as many times as Lindsay Lohan, 5.  And the only song played MORE than “Old Time Rock and Roll” is “Crazy”, sung in 62′ by Patsy and written by Wille.
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