Geoff Diehl Walks the Walk and pays the price.

March 20, 2015


36578_534956943236776_1955605064_nMaverick Republican and mastermind behind the “automatic gas tax” repeal is paying the political price for all of his promise keeping. Geof Diehl, a rising star in the lowly M.AG.O.P  did an end-run on the the thin-skinned  republican leadership last year. He spearheaded the repeal movement against their will and they didn’t like it. The result was getting booted off the Ways and Means committee this week in a blatant political hack job from his own party.



Even though Deihls grassroots campaign energized the base and  delivered record seat gains for the GOP, he gets punished by the leadership.   We know  in politics, no good deed goes unpunished. It is refreshing to see this type of conviction in a politician willing to sacrifice his advancement for the good of the people.  Diehl is wildly popular among conservatives making him a target of  both parties. His good friend and political soulmate David Decoste representing Rockland  is following in his footsteps taking the hard stands on Beacon hill that will not make him popular among the tax, waste and spend crowd.   With a republican governor in place Diehl, Decoste and a handful of conservatives are building a strong caucus that is sure to have the governors ear. salutes Geof Diehl and David Decoste for sticking to their promises and not collapsing under the tremendous weight of party peer pressure.