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February 23, 2015


Will you help me get the truth of the matter out to people?

image001The tax-and-spend liberals are out in full force demanding higher taxes for the MBTA.  They are blaming lack of resources as the reason for the MBTA’s failures.

Money is not the problem.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the MBTA’s bus maintenance department spends 94% above the national average.

The Pioneer Institute report shows $250 million being wasted just within bus maintenance.

The T spent tens of millions of dollars on the scheme to connect with Connecticut before that state even committed to the project.

The MBTA pension system is kept secret despite the taxpayers bailing it out.  Most of the other quasi-independent authorities  do  disclose their pension payouts.

On the road and bridge side of transportation, the Commonwealth spends $675,000 per mile on road and bridge maintenance.  That’s 4 times the national average.

Our state spends $78,000 per mile in administration costs yearly.  That’s 8 times the national average.

All these facts seem to be missing from news story after news story on our transportation failures.  Taxpayers have done their fair share.

We will only get better management of our tax dollars if we demand it.

I need you to help me get the truth out there.

How can you help?

  1. Pass on these figures to your friends.
  2. Please attend my event tomorrow at Cameron’s  on the Green (436 Oak Street, East Bridgewater) at 7pm.


Let’s show we are united against those who want us to spend $1 million per mile each year.


Hope to see you!


Geoff Diehl.