Graffiti Training Camp Discovered in the woods of Rockvegas

June 13, 2011


Deep, deep in the valley of Rockland Hills, past the picturesque, pastel, petite palaces of Beechwood and beyond the wafting aroma of the Bashful Baker’s backwoods bungalow, there lies an old access road.  The path is deep and wide, as it is always kept broom-swept from end to end by the high horsepower of four wheelers that roar along this ancient path carved into the woods between Rockland and Hanover. There are scattered reminders of the vast enterprises that once took place on this wooded parcel for years on end.  Here lie cement bunkers, abandoned utility poles and a mile of canal bridges and berms that once directed a steady flow of water from the peaks of Beech Hill.  From raising minks for the fur industry to making bombs and fireworks, this land has been utilized for generations.  However, there is a new industry on the property now.  I’m not talking about the ruthless pigs who dump all manner of trash, demolition debris and old tires either.  Deep off one of the side trails is a one hundred foot by fifty foot cement building with rusty, cast-iron doors that still hang on the original hinges.  Hundreds of spray-paint cans litter the area, giving me the first impression that kids were huffing paint around the makeshift campfire.  When I drew back the five-hundred pound doors, I discovered what was going on.  Some of the area’s most notorious “Taggers” have been perfecting their vandalous trade without notice -  right here in Rockland. Some of the Tags found in this area have been appearing on private property  in  Rockland, Hanover and Norwell.

In a cruel and unsual event, has discovered what we believe to be a large chicken that fell victim to the talented taggers.

It’s time to read the writing on the wall Rockland!  This paints a grim picture of our woodlands.