Happy Holiday Weekend in Rockvegas.

November 23, 2011


The Holiday weekend starts out with a crash, boom, bang tonight as The Hardest Working Man in Local Rock and Roll, Mark Shom, brings Tomato Jonez to the Banner Irish Pub for the first time ever.

Mark Shom

The hardest working Man in Rock and Roll

The old hotel is in for a heavy storm as hundreds of Jonez’s show up to watch Reul, Caggiano and Shom blow the roof off the ancient eatery on this busiest night of the year. Also, across town is the new and improved, Rock Ridge Band, playing at Game Time. “The Boyce of the People“, lead singer Dave Boyce, promises to have a perfected and polished entourage of rockers to thrill the Ridgesters from the stage at Game Time. So much to do… so little time.

Thursday brings the 38th Grand Opening of Alice’s Restaurant at The Eagles from 8am to 1pm. This greatest of Rockland traditions, put on by the Mauler himself,  is always a great event. Food, spirits and camaraderie are the order of the day for the Bigelow Boys.

Friday is a time to regroup and get ready for the Best Night of the Year at the Annual Christmas Stroll that happens on Saturday.  Maybe check out the new Rock Vegas or the Food Party, located in the old Chef Ray store front.

Rocklandnews.com will have the chowder booth cranking out 1,000 cups of “mediocre at best” Clam Chowder. The Rocklandnews.com Fire Barrel will be manned by Rockland Harbor Master, and Founder and President of the Bite Me Bait Company, Larry the Lion Ryan.

The Stroll starts at 4 pm and continues until 7 pm. This year, there is activity, food and fun from Exchange Street to Vernon Street.  Rockland Center will be closed to traffic and wide open to pedestrians. Come early!  You may experience some extra  delays this year due to all the new streets being closed off.  Two of the many new events at this year’s Stroll are the Santa’s Christmas Mansion  and  the Banner Irish Pub.  Eddie will be giving out ice cream cones and chicken fingers outside, while Brenda has the inside decked out in Christmas decorations and Christmas Martinis.




Happy Holidays, Rockland!