Harbor Master Inspects Bike Path Bridges

July 5, 2011


Harbor Master Ryan checks bridge span for conformity to Rockland Harbor Master regs

Today, I took the Fire Department Executive Assistant with me on a walking tour of the recently dedicated Ralph C. Ewell Bike Path.  Much to my surprise, I found a recently-built bridge over OMC Street Drain Brook.  Just by chance, I had all the tools I needed with me to do a spot inspection.

On inspection, I found some discrepancies in standard split board width and lengths. Also, I found the bridge was not built high enough over the water. However, in this case, I have declared this a non-navigable waterway making that issue mute. However, there will no longer be any whitewater rafting in this stretch of the OMC.  It did pass the structure integrity test with flying colors, making my job easy.

Span integrity test passed!

One moderately serious side note to a job WELL DONE DEREK,  is that Poison Ivy and Poison Oak can be found along the length of the trail from end to end. It hides itself amongst the other ivy plants making it difficult to see at times.

Would you know it if you saw it?

It is a very nice walk and, I am sure, an exciting ride. This is a big positive for the town, so make sure everyone protects it from those that would abuse it. The work done here should last as long as Rockland exists.

Also, please respect the neighbors on top of the hill. Some are nervous that this will bring  young people into the area looking for a place to drink and hang out.  I have assured some of them that we will keep an eye on the situation and keep it safe and fun for all. So say hello if you see them out there.
I can’t wait for the Rails to Trails project to be completed. Nice job everyone!

The Harbormaster