Harsh winter storms tear up the beaches!

February 27, 2013


Strong winds associated with the winter storms have severely damaged beaches along the South Shore. Nantasket Beach has taken a pounding and washed away much of the sand. It will take a lot of work for that sand to return.  One of the hardest hit areas is near Point Allerton. Here, beach stones have buried any sand that was here.

But as in most severe weather events, there are losers and winners in the natural world. Here the losers were clams and lobsters. The beach is littered with them. Broken lobster traps can be seen all along the beach and one wonders how it will affect the lobster fishing in 2013.

The winners are the sea and shore birds that live and winter here. Strong wave action and high winds drive the shellfish onto the shore where gulls and other sea birds eat them. Thousands of them surround the north end of the beach where most of the food has washed ashore.

Locals and fishermen gather here after each storm to collect the clams to use as bait in the upcoming fishing season. They are also used to make clam chowder and stuffed clams. Picking up the clams is OK as long as you are not digging for them.  You must leave the lobster gear alone though.

The savage ocean is quite a spectacle to see and Nantasket Beach is a good place to view it. Take a ride and see the power of the ocean and the wildlife that lives there.