Help Me Rhonda! Help Help Me Rhonda!

January 16, 2013


The good governor is about to take another a huge chunk of your money to pay for his social engineering projects.  Once again, he is going to attack the citizens of the commonwealth with a hefty increase in payroll and sales taxes that will have a devastating impact on Rockland and the Rockland people.  These new taxes, on top of the Obama tax increase on Social Security, the overrides for schools and roads, skyrocketing food prices and record high gas prices, will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the working stiffs of Rockland.  Patrick is not stopping there either; he wants a new mileage tax, new fees, fines and even a value tax.  Nowhere in the plan does it cut any of the billions of dollars of wasteful spending.  Those who can’t, or will not, work will still be provided with free booze, cigarettes, lottery, luxury housing, food, transportation, communication, addictive drugs, and unlimited free health care with no co-pays.  State hacks will still be provided with sweetheart jobs, golden parachutes and lifetime employment, regardless of performance.

Rhonda Nyman, our State Rep, is the only one we have who can vote against this latest barrage of confiscation of our hard-earned money.  Rhonda has enjoyed the great support of the Rockland people and will need it again to keep her seat at the Statehouse.

Please call Rhonda’s office and implore her to break party ranks and rescue the suffering working poor in Rockland.  It’s time to put people in front of politics and stop bleeding the people dry!  The working class Rockland People have supported Rhonda and now it is time for her to support us!

Please write or call and ask her to vote no on any new tax hikes that hurt the working poor small business and the  middle class.