Holly Trees Well Decorated in 2011

December 25, 2011


By  Elmer

Beautiful Holly Berries fill the woods!

Merry Christmas!  2011 is a great year for Holly trees. The boughs are laden with bright red berries and most of the mature trees carry an overabundance this year. I found one of the largest groves of Holly trees in all my travels through the woods of the South Shore right in my favorite hiking spot, Burrage Pond in Halifax. It is wall-to-wall Holly; and on a sunny day, the red berries dazzle the eyes.

Burrage Pond Wildlife Management Area

I always rave about this jewel of the South Shore and the variety of plant and animal life that can be seen here. This is just one more shining example.

Some of the tallest Holly Trees I have seen.

Round trip to see this Holly forest is a couple of easy walking miles. Just right for a sunny Sunday or Holiday! Bring a camera and binoculars.

Merry Christmas to All!