Huey Lewis and The Rockland “News”

September 2, 2013


Huey Lewis and The Rockland
      Well, what do The Clash, Donavon, Issac Hayes [Shaft], Sex Pistols, Run D.M.C., and Grandmaster Flash all have in common ?.  They are ALL in the Rock and Roll Fall of Fame, in Cleveland.  Now, who has 20 + top ten hits, 47 albums to their credit, and perform more than 50 concerts a year ?.  Why it is Huey Lewis and The News–yelp, not in the RRHOF…..hmmmm.
      Lewis and the eight man ensamble behind him play to all venues.  Whether it be the sold out MGM Grand @ Foxwoods or a larger stage in upstate New York, they just love plain ole’ playing to the “mainstream”.  ”If This Is IT” [doo-wop], “Heart and Soul” [pop], “I Want A New Drug” [rock], “Stuck With You” [ballad], and multiple blues tunes with Tower of Power in the 90′s [Stagger Lee, Honky Tonk Blues, It's All Right].
      For me it is stage presence, hits with timing [no lag between songs], little chatter, and HORNS.  I witnessed a “grand slam”.   The energy from SRO crowd kept rising and rising.  Lewis’ backup vocals were 4800 standing people embracing the early 60 something who looked early 40 something who just came from the dentist.  In celebrating the 30 years of the “SPORTS” album, Lewis stated, “30 years ago there were no cell phones, no computers and NO bad backs”.
      Surprisingly this fun bar band from the “Bay area” has been together since 79′.  Sean Hopper [keyboards], Jonny Colla [sax-guitar], and on drums Billy Gibson.  And yes they all sing backup, fun stuff.  Bassist Jeff Pierce [stylin'] came in 95′  and surprisingly above average lead six stringer Stef Burns in 01′.  Burns, like Neil Shoan [Journey] had a one minute solo almost every song and this added to the energies meter.
       I can picture being in my hometown of Hampton Beach play ing V-Ball, or chasing the “pallino” with a “bocce” ball while watching surfers on one foot waves listening to a “classic Rock” station hearing “Hip To Be Square” or “Workin’ For A Livin”.  IMO this clean cut, class act belongs in the RRHOF for they are “The Heart OF Rock And Roll”.
Dan: From The Front Row
BTW: Sports has sold 10+ million
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