July 27, 2015


10013374_799640853389765_4934986692628291461_o      Okay you are heading to the “cape” or northern “New England” but every now and again one should venture to Saratoga Springs, NY.
     As you pass by a person, or overhear someone there is that quiet statement-”are you going up this year ?”.  ”UP” means Saratoga race track.  She opened during the Civil War [1863] and continues with the most prestigious horse racing in the world.  The ten race card averages almost a million dollars a day in “purse” money [dark on Tuesdays].
     It is simple to go back in time-90 west to 87 north to exits 13-15.  Yours truly has been there for, well…..a long time [saw Secretariat lose to Onion in 73']—but the “SPA” has it all from “burgers to fillets”.  The entire area is engulfed with trees, picnic tables, coolers [bring your own], tv’s, hats, cigars, and entertainment. 
     Sure it is a tad expensive, but so is Tiffany’s…you can people watch [reasoning for divorce], wager many tracks, enjoy great food and head to a concert afterwards at the the “SPAC” [Saratoga Preforming Arts Center] rolling lawn and willows while having your “Yuengling lager.  If one plans on staying I highly recommend Lake George at $80 a night [Booking.com-20 miles north]- I do this and dive, and handicap the next days races.
     The confined area offers EVERYTHING, even the Great Escape in Queensbury with a great wooden “out and back” coaster, the Comet built in the 30′s by “PTC”-[Philadelphia Toboggan Company].  There is plenty of golf, water parks and even camping.  
     Don’t get me wrong, I like the “Cape”, but traffic and more “to do’s”, I am all over “Toga”…horse racing 7/24 through Labor Day..
FYI- Saratoga is officially Saratoga Springs
         and the water is terrible.  
         Also a casino 1/2 mile away