Introducing the Ralph C. Ewell Memorial Greenway of Rockland

July 4, 2011


The Fourth of July Week End was a most fitting time to unveil a new Rockland treasure. By now, readers know of the marvelous, natural wonder carved into the mountainside on the Rockland-Whitman line.

Lance, Justin and Derek

Two of the project’s most tireless and talented founders were following a long-standing family tradition of contributing to the great outdoors of Rockland. Today, that great tradition was celebrated with a timeless memorial dedicated to the great man who began it all. That man was Derek and Justin’s grandfather, Ralph C. Ewell. Many of us old-time townies remember Ralph as the owner of the Gulf gas station on Union Street. Ralph was also the Rockland Park Commissioner for 17 years and volunteered a lifetime in the forests of Rockland, leaving a legacy of selflessness and sacrifice for the ever-expanding Ewell family. Today, before dozens of friends and family members, Derek and Justin unveiled a 100-acre greenway that they and others created  and dedicated to their late beloved grandfather, Ralph C. Ewell. The ceremony was an emotional occasion in which Derek and Justin were able to honor their grandfather in the presence of their own mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles and the entire family and many friends. The prayer was given by Lance Cummins, the Pastor of the Restoration Church of Rockland, who was also one of the original members of the Beech Hill Conservation and Trail Club who walked this thickly overgrown property only  three short months ago. Lance gave thanks to God for this great property and this great man, Ralph Ewell.  When the tears of pride and joy were wiped away, the celebration of this fantastic new, completely natural,  gravity park was under way. A couple boxes of Joe, burgers, hot dogs and soda were enjoyed on this grassy knoll at the peak of Rockvegas  that is now the Ralph C. Ewell Memorial Greenway.

The Godfather of the Rockland Woods, George Anderson, was very impressed with the new Greenway.

Ralph Ewell's four children, including Rockland gem, "Peter Park" Ewell.


After that, they rolled into the woods upon magnificent, precision, alloy-metal  mounts and top-of- the-line gear purchased from Rockland Cycles. They burst through the narrow, two-tree gate at the trail head that begins the greatest thrill ride in all of Rockvegas.

Derek and Anne Marie Ewell blast down the trail. Anne Marie also put in many long hours on the trail build.

Justin flies over the Ewell Log Ride


Justin catches some big air off one of the many features.

There were so many people who assisted in this project.  But there was one man without whom we could never have gotten this project done -  Rockland-Abington Water Superintendent, Dan “The Man” Callahan. Dan went above and beyond the normal call of duty to help with this project. Also deserving thanks are:  the Rockland Conservation Committee; Bob Corvi and the Rockland Highway Department; Peter Ewell and the Rockland Parks Department;  the Whitman Parks and Recreation Department; and our infamous town Administrator,  Allan “Ooga” Chiocca, who was involved in this project behind the scenes from the very first day.
Congratulations to two of Rockland’s favorite sons -  Derek and Justin Ewell – for honoring the legacy of their grandfather and for providing the people of Rockland with an outdoor natural wonder that will last for generations.