Jake Hill Wine Dinner Review, burnt carrots and jelly jars.

November 14, 2015


12208782_701760979960386_1706289017595364956_nBramhalls Country Store is the quintessential New England destination for old colony treasure hunters. The old barn’s storied walls are covered in historic memorabilia of a day gone by. The Yankee ingenuity that sustained life in those days of old America is alive and well today with a small group of friends that vow to keep the old store vibrant. Local music star Jake Hill harnessed  that ingenuity with his new niche, Singing Suppers. Hill is  a well known singer ,songwriter, recording and performing artist from Plymouth. Recently he has dabbled in the world of culinary, training at the feet of some of Plymouth’s great chefs.

The barn door was drawn open around 6 pm and the 2nd  Jake Hill Singing Supper was underway. we were seated with a friendly and fun  local couple who turned out to be the chef’s coffee roaster, Speedwell Coffee Roasters. The novice waiter quickly confessed that this was his first expeince at waiting tables. Lucky for us, he was a natural. The beer and wine flowed freely right from the start. We were all more than willing to overlook our waiters zeal for the pour and often used our jelly jar, water glass to store the excess fine wines and brews.


Photos by Dave Robertson Photography

Soon the introductions were made and the first course rolled  out. Charred herb carrots with Hayley Sabellas lavender butter was amazing.A perfectly charred native sweet carrot  drizzled in  melted lavender butter that was beautiful  subtle and delicious.


Photos by Dave Robertson Photography

Next was the Spicy Potato Leek soup with handmade fresh miniature English muffin crouton. A simple yet brilliant spicy broth with a handful of sweet native bliss potato and tender leeks. Hills signature Jake Cake croutons were the prefect antidote for the searing heat of the broth.   Hill hit this one out of the park!



Photos by Dave Robertson Photography

Next up was the  Roots Shoots and fruits salad over a bed of Carls greens with Jim Betts fig vinaigrette. An amazing pile of rabbitt food laced in a sophisticated dressing that was incredbily pleasing and addictive.





Photos by Dave Robertson Photography

The center of the plate was a delicious Pork and local vegetable with apple Kabob. Native pork medallions on skewer with some of the rarest native root vegetables. The pork was perfect moist and tender, the vegetables were sweet and seasoned to perfection. The cranberry, apple and carrot relishes were all amazing in flavor and texture.


Photos by Dave Robertson Photography

Kathy Goonans log cabin bakers provided the native pumpkin pie with homemade ice cream.Her pies have become famous all over New Enlgland and we learned why. Absolutley delicous.





The food was unreal, the wine list was stellar, the local brews were excellent and  if that were all you got for your 75.00 admission it would still be a great value. As great as everything was, the real bargain came after the coals had cooled and the plates were cleared. An intimate concert with the great Billington Sea. Hill put down the Hinkle and picked up the Martin and proceeded to blow everyone away in the ancient Plymouth barn. Soon the great singer/songwriter, Haley Sabella, took off her apron and took a seat beside Hill on the old leather sofa. As if I wasn’t blessed enough this fantastic night, Hayley and Hill played my favorite Billington Sea song upon my request. Red tail Romance.

By all measures the Jake Hill Singing Supper was a great success and perhaps one of the great nights out in 2015. How many chefs do you know that can complete an amazing dinner like that and still have the energy and enthusiasm to perform a live concert?   Rocklandnews.com will let you know of any up coming events but only after we have secured our own tickets.  The two previous events both sold out and sold out fast.





Dave Robertsonphotography


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