Jimdogg Hacket Claims Bite Me Bait Co’s Fisherman of the Year Honors!

January 9, 2012



Thanks to all my supporters!

Jim “Jimdogg” Hackett, photographer for www.bitemebaitco.com, claimed the Fisherman of the Year trophy for 2011. He received the trophy at the BMBC Winter meeting held on Saquish Head. Grand Poobah, Rock Bottom clung to his last few moments with the prize. “I hung it with pride and it will be back with me soon.” Chimed in the Poobah, ” My family and I will always cherish the picture of me and my dad with the trophy.”

The Bite Me Bait Co kite points the way for new comers.

The winter meeting is always a tossup with the weather and tides. This year was one of, if not the best weather year yet. The annual trek around the “Head” was just perfect.  When break time came at the “Top of the World” ,newbies to the walk, were amazed that P-Town was visible to the naked eye on the eastern horizon.

Coming around the far turn!

Another development this year is, we have picked up a new associate photographer. Her name is Maureen Duffy from Abington, and she sealed the deal with this stunning photo of a snowy owl while on her way to meet us.  Nice picture, Maureen. She is the owner of “At Your Place” Photography. She specializes in photographing people and their pets in their own home or other natural settings. Welcome Aboard.

I can be seen on Duxbury Beach most days.

The Bite Me Bait Co Gang are pleased to have Jimdogg represent us as Fisherman of the Year; now let’s see if he can repeat.  He now is in “Elite” company.

Rock Bottom, Jimdogg, Computer Bob, Elmer, and Mar-e

Elmer Mudguaard