Jo Henley, Inside Out on Main Street USA.

October 21, 2013


1393570_616418241730586_330259555_nRoute three was a corridor of brilliant Autumn color as we cruised south towards America’s hometown late Saturday morning. Flaming red maples, golden oaks and evergreen scrub pines all painted in the confetti of electric Sumac creating a vivid gateway to the  Atlantic. The crisp, early fall air offered a refreshing lift that set the ideal conditions  for this rare matinee appearance by the best kept secret in the music world, The Mighty Jo Henley Band.

Upon arrival, we found the Jo Henley arsenal in battle ready position.  The great Ben Lee and Mike Dingley browsed a playlist while the angle of the early afternoon sunshine illuminated the equipment and filled the front seats with warm sunshine  spotlighting  our favorite booth as if by design. The hostess offered another choice because there was a band about to play and the booth was near the speaker. I chuckled to myself and quipped, “That’s the reason we are here. ”



Soon, Andy Campolieto entered the building and I have to admit it was all I could do to keep from standing up whistling and clapping.  Campolieto has become one my favorite songwriters ever. Through four CD’s and nearly a decade of recorded music featuring a treasure trove of classic songs, Campolieto’s compositions have earned a permanent place in our music collection, finding its way onto all of our Ipods and CD’s; and then played loud and long from the campfire to the workplace.



Jo Henley did not disappoint, rocking versions of their greatest hits like, The Great Depression where Campolitie lets “Wall Street crumble and Main Street whistle with tumbleweed” to heart-wrenching ballads like “It Can’t Rain All The Time” when Campolieto laments, “I see my own eyes staring back from a faded photograph.” They were just what the doctor ordered. Masterful riffs, intricate percussion, rolling bass and a repertoire that is second to none all presented in a crisp, clean, musical package that is far and away the best bang for your buck in the world of entertainment. For the modest price of a few beers and some great chow. You can’t beat it!

We enjoyed the craft beer, the fish tacos, the excellent service and the open air sidewalk-style stage that can only be described as on the inside out.

Plans are underway to bring this excellent “New Roots” movement to Rockland in the near future.  Remember when Jo Henley hits the big time, you read about them here first.  Just like with Nick Johnson and Rob Benton, good is good and Rocklandnews never forgets