Jo Henley Project Debuts at Club Passim

June 1, 2015


11393082_891305574241850_7306505721824635469_nThe ever evolving singer songwriter, Andy Campolieto, has a new project he is working on with bandmate and soulmate Ben Lee. Spawned from their unique brand of new roots music is the all new Jo Henley Trio. Joining the music makers is an up and coming vocalist named Rebecca Turner. A versatile and vibrant young singer recently recruited by Campolieto who adds a new dynamic to the Jo Henley repertoire. Although the Jo Henley sound has often been accompanied by the sweet sounds of female backup vocals, most recently the amazing Hayley Sabella, Rebecca humbly assumes the front spot beside Campolieto as he appears willing to surrender the lead to this new diamond in the rough for the world to see. Rebecca  is a modest, young, artist who gives subtle indications of a little stage fright and lack of seasoned stage presence that quickly vanish the moment the music starts. From the first note as  she opens her mouth to sing the audience is put into a trance as she unfolds her soothing, cocktail jazz vocals on top of the magnificent strings of Jo Henley. From swing to jazz over to folk and bluegrass Turner works magic with Campolieto as she manifests her presence in the spirit of Ginger MacKenzie Emmie Lou and Cameron Diaz in Jo Henley’s oldest and newest scores. The two harmonized magically at times leaving the subterranean historic Passim club attendees in awe.  A handful of cover songs were beautifully executed but these Jo Henley fans sought the orginal songs that first made them followers, Andy and Ben delivered the antidote for their Henley Jones with a full dose of vintage and modern Jo Henley tunes. Joining them on stage is the legendary Jordan Santiago, Santiago is known as the best mando player in the region in music circles and is sought after by numerous bands all over new England. Santiago was an original member of Jo Henley who toured the country with the band earlier in the century. Santiago effortlessly wails on the mandolin following along skin tight to the band’s most well known numbers. Long time Henley bassist Kent Stephens  joined the stage for the last set as the band remastered a dozen greatest hits including this authors favorite, Clinton’s Ditch.




Electric, acoustic, rock, bluegrass, jazz, blues, folk or country, The Jo Henley band dives deeper, climbs higher and strums harder than most any other band on the market. They continually reinvent themselves while  pushing  the envelope and boldly going where most bands fear to tread.

Anytime you get a chance to see any variations of this talented organization it is always worth the price of admission.