Karen Politio stomping for Valanzola at Anita Maries!

August 27, 2014


lou2The big sharks  in the Republican party smell blood in the political waters of Rockland in the local race for the peoples State  Representatives seat. Valanzola has been polling well urging the tightwad MAGOP to squeeze out a little support for their local hopeful. Shining star Karen Polito will beat feat and press flesh for Valanzola stressing the attacks on working poor by the Democrats tomorrow at noon. The gas tax,the new fees, fines, regulations, the healthcare debacle, the global warming hoax, the Pelitier case, the DCF children disappearing and dying, along with one scandal after another from the speaker of the house to the probation department scandal.

Republicans know that this is their year, if the sheeple of Massachusetts vote back in the same people who have caused all this havoc in the face of all their failures, the MAGOP is toast!


Come out and meet the candidates at Anita Maries Coffee Shop in Rockland Center high noon!