Knight in Shining Armor about to ride into Rockland Day Care

March 16, 2015


The committee t022112ggg-300x225o save the Rockland Day Care just got a monumental advocate for their cause. The Godfather of Rockland Public Schools, the mastermind behind  hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into Rockland for over eight decades. The sultan of shakers and movers, the slayer of the naysayer, the closer of closers, the most productive citizen of Rockland in the past 100 years, the good doctor, John Rogers.   Doctor J has taken an interest into the plight of all those affected by the Retchless decision to abruptly close the nearly 30 year old institution.  The 82 year old Rogers is still the sharpest tool in the shed and has more work energy and enthusiasm than most men old enough to be his grandson.


This news has brought a tremendous boost to the staff, students and family of the Rockland Day Care. If there is anyone in the whole, wide world with enough brains and brawn to reverse this terrible decision, it the Century man himself,  John Rogers.


One day care worker told me that it John getting involved was an answer to prayers.

For anyone who has never watched Dr Rogers in action, pay attention, you just might learn something!