Leftover Waste Fraud and Abuse at MBTA for Beacon Hill newcomers.

February 10, 2015


Last November voters sent a resounding message to Beacon Hill.  Do your job!


nyman5Since we repealed automatic gas tax hikes, the tax-and-spend liberals have repeatedly complained that they need money to invest in infrastructure.


Last week, it was all about the MBTA.  They seem to forget that taxpayers have invested in the T.  Unfortunately, that money has been wasted.


Did you know that our state spends 94% above the national average on bus maintenance?  That’s crazy.


Two years ago Pioneer Institute issued a report outlining how the T bus maintenance department wastes $250 million.  They concluded: “the T is overstaffed compared to comparable transit agencies and its employees are overpaid.”  For example, “The top ten highest paid mechanics averaged $134,554; highest was $151,363.”


What was done to fix the problem?  Nothing.  Management ignored the report and kept on wasting our tax dollars.


It is clear that the tax-and-spend liberals did not get the message.  Our fight for good government continues.


I’m told that due to the ballot question success, I am top target for Democrats.  They want to shut me up.


The best offense is a good defense.


I am taking their threats seriously.  Will you help me?



On Tuesday, February 24th I am holding a special event at Cameron’s on the Green(436 Oak Street, East Bridgewater) from 7 to 9pm.  Will you join me to show your support?


Please click here to reserve your spot.


You can count on me to stand up for you at the State House.  I hope that I can count on your continued support.







P.S. Beacon Hill insiders are also upset I have been and will continue to lead the fight against legislative pay raises.