Lion Eyes Bike Run Report

July 22, 2013


Rockland’s favorite young Republican, Lion Jared Valanzola, gave the blessing of DSC08565the bikes igniting a  Laconian thunder storm that echoed in waves across the Whitman VFW as more than a hundred riders and passengers sped away.   Old and young alike came out in full force to support King Lion Jay and “the club that has no fun” on this fifth annual Ride for Sight. From custom hogs to rice burners and crotch rockets, most on two wheels, some on three, they made their way together like a well oiled machine (pun intended) for the entire fifty mile tour. It must have seemed a bit odd for many of the Lions club members who participated  as they broke speed limits, ran red lights and blasted their away around the South Shore, this time with the flashing lights and screaming sirens of the state police in front of them instead of behind.


DSC08605The riders returned an hour later to a full chow line run by former King Lion Frank. Burgers, Dogs, BBQ Chicken, Tossed Salad Antipasto, pasta salad, potato salad and watermelon. Lion Frank is”the Lion that never runs out” and this time the chow line looked the same from the first guest to the last with a ton of left-overs that were enjoyed by the VFW members after the event.



There was a cash bar, dozens of raffle prizes and the fantastic music of the world renowned Road Runners. Well, the latest version of the Road Runners anyway. A good time was had by all and the club was able to raise a great chunk of change to help fund blindness research.



Special thanks to “Delightful” Debbie O’Brien for helping out and taking pictures, special thanks to Mark Norris for the great wine collection donation and special thanks to the Whitman VFW for providing a world-class outdoor function facility that has taken the Ride for Sight  to to a whole new level. A very speciall thanks to all those who sponsored the event with generous donations of a hundred dollars.  Please be sure to frequent these fine establishments.


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Another Fantastic, Well-Run event by The Club That Has No Fun…

The Rockland Lions Club!

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