Lionel sings “All Night Long” @ MGM

September 25, 2013


DSC_0247Lionel sings “All Night Long” @ MGM
Where to start, where to start: How about WOW ?.   I have seen Alabama’s Lionel Richie ten times, with the Commodore’s to solo.  Every performance from the once trumpet player has been an all star soiree with a fan friendly energy show.  Ironically, once one thinks of a song by him or the “old” group they immediately think of another.
     Unless a person has been in prison for forty years or has not yet been born, this iconic R&B-Soul artist still has “IT” .  The 64-year-old young man is currently doing 17 concerts in 30 days, from the Borgata, MGM Grand to The Barclay Center and venues beyond.  LR was all about the sold-out crowd as he and his stellar 5-piece ensemble brought the house down.DSC_0370
      In the Mass lottery, play 7998 for a daily #.  That is how many hands were clapping to 27 songs.  My own two were taking pictures and wanted to join in but I had work to do for you, the reader.  The R&B specialist had superb talent a few feet away as guitarist Ben Mauro [12 years] has six stringed for many a prominent “A” listers on the stage.  It was great to see Dino Soldo again [Leonard Cohen-Tower of Power] playing the alto sax and great harmonica along with some keyboards.
 DSC_0075    What added to the personable concert was a continuous extreme light show that changed repeatedly and was not overbearing as it flowed to each classic tune.  It is amazing the “staying” power that Richie has worldwide.  He is reveled in many countries from “Down Under” to Saudi Arabia as folks sing aloud his many tunes.  The definition of great is simple here, seven #1 hits with the Commodore’s and eleven #1′s as a solo performer.  My Masters in math is not needed to calculate 18 #1 songs–18.
    How many folks got married to “Truly, Endless Love, Three Times a Lady, Stuck On You, Still, Easy” ?.  I think of Smokey, Marvin, Teddy and than there is Lionel at the top of the R&B and Soul pyramid–real soul.
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Dan from The Front Row
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