Lions Breakfast with Santa This Sunday Abington VFW!!

December 5, 2013


The Club that has no fun will host its 57th annual Breakfast with Santa this Sunday at the Abington VFW Hall, now known as the Emerald Hall.


Five bucks for adults, three for the kids. A world-class, cruise-style breakfast complete with omelet station!


Pictures with Santa, of course!



The chafers were all lit on the table with care in hopes that Lion Pat soon would be there.    With Al in his doo-rag and JR with no hat, they worked the hot grills with ladle and spat. King Lion Jay frantically paced through the hall, setting tables and chairs, then a wreath on each wall. Karen and Mal set up all the fun  games, while Yolanda and Mike made each seat the same .  Lion Kevin took pictures with  the camera and flash while Frank and Jack counted  the cash. Lion Deb and Big Steve cracked four cases of eggs; and then they cracked more when we started to beg. A thousand pork links and two thousand pieces of bacon, a hundred pounds of spuds and their feet began aching. Another thousand hot cakes and a mountain of french toast  gave Lions Lou and Mark  reason to boast.  There was coffee and juice, prizes and holly, all served with a smile from Lions Charlie and Wally. At 8 am sharp, they opened the door; the crowds flowed in and lined up on the floor. The Childs, the Whites and the Browns, the Schneiders, the Rues,  Uncle Jerry and  Bill  Perry,  just to name a few. The Hog and the Mohawk brought their kids by the hand, Pranksters to Rocktopus  and the Proud Shovel Band.  Nearly four hundred in all attended Santa’s feast; everyone was full from the large to the least. Pictures with Santa whether in dresses or jeans; all donated for free by The Rockland Walgreens.  Later in the day, when the last grease was mopped, we counted the cash that everyone had dropped. When what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a big pile of cash, the best in ten years.

The Club that has no fun would like to thank everyone who came out to make this a great event.

The Rockland Lions Club, Making Rockland A Great place to live!

Be sure to visit the Rockland Lions Club Tree Sale this Saturday at Walgreens