Llewellyn’s new surge in the war on drugs.

July 7, 2014


Rockland has another stellar general in the drug war with the appointment of James McLaughlin to the K9 unit. Jim has been appointed to join “The Big Dog” Steve Somers in the storied Rockland K-9 unit. Jim will adopt the drug dog into his home while Steve continues to work with ferocious attack dogs.

528505_421218204591023_1278198958_n Jim is a lifelong Rockland resident and  father of two young children. He has an immaculate record and reputation. His good nature and impressive skill set makes him a natural for this important  position.

A good source told us Somers was nearing his law degree and has his sights set on bigger things. Where not sure what but rumor has it he’s been sending Llewellyn hot deals on Florida retirement communities  unanimously.Unanimously? I meant anonymously..  




Gentleman Jim, A lion in the war on drugs!


Congratulations Jim. Can’t wait to see you shine!

A great day for Rockland!