Local Artist Goes For It On Kickstarter

October 28, 2013



Local Artist Goes For It On Kickstarter A seasoned veteran of the local music scene for 20+ years, Ed Leland is jumping into the 21st century to put his music out there for people to enjoy. His project is called “Within The Vale” and is currently posted on Kickstarter.com. “The project is for me to make a CD of solo guitar music, and to just hit ‘record’ and put songs together on the fly. It is an interesting approach in that I am not writing anything in advance, so it will be purely spontaneous. I will use small samples of myself that play over, called loops, and then layer other loops over them. I am really excited about the prospect of creating like this!” Ed is a lifelong musician and vocalist, and has played not only guitar, but also piano and keyboard, and trombone. He has played on the South Shore with The Control Freaks, Rock Ridge, and Inception. His current band, The Bizness, is out of Norwood, and has begun to revitalize itself during it’s own 20+ year history during the last year. “What I wanted to do was to find a way to get music out there, after all, that is what any artist wants. But this is different than what I do with the bands I play with. That music is instantaneous but it is just that, there is no permanence to it, as fun as it is. And I hope that people enjoy the CD, but it really is about making the art and enjoying that process myself, which I know is a bit selfish, but I am not in this for the money as a long term goal, so what else is there?!” Kickstarter.com was started 5 years ago as a way to let artists and supporters help each other to produce projects that would otherwise not be able to happen. To date the website has helped over 200,000 such projects to be successfully produced. Investors of projects are always given items from the project as a ‘reward’ to express the artists’ gratitude. People can feel safe in the process, as it has been proven to be a successful model over time. “To me the really important thing is that it is an ‘all or nothing’ proposition; that is, if I don’t get enough people to pledge money, NOBODY donates anything and the project is canceled. This not only protects my investors, but it also safeguards against artists that are under-funded producing sub par projects.” Ed encourages people to go to the Kickstarter website and search “Within The Vale” to view the full project proposal. With the deadline of November 16th, Ed is already over 40% funded but still needs supporters. “Realistically, I need only 105 people to pledge $10 and I will be vested. All those people will be receiving a finished CD from me, so essentially it is just like ‘pre-ordering’ one. The CDs that I produce are only available to investors, this is not a capital venture. It is really about producing art for the sake of art.” says Ed.

We wish Ed the best and hope he can reach his goals.