Meet David Decoste. Democrat’s Nightmare

September 10, 2014


1604674_291064824412702_1202523537937113985_nWe see the same ideology dominating the political power from Rockland to Washington DC. Barack Obama, Deval Patrick and Rhonda Nyman have lockstep voting records on all the major issues of our day. Taxes, Unions, Amnesty,Gun Control, Speech Control, Internet Control. Higher Fees Fines Taxes Regulations, Subjecting our children to radical dangerous lifestyles while kidnapping kids like Justine Pelletier for Nazi like experimentation and all the while watching child after child abused neglected or even killed under DCF care. State Parks like Wompatuck and Ames Nowell, Scusset Beach fall into disrepair roads and bridges crumble. The one party system in Rockland has lead to more crime, more poverty and more  misery.


Here is a guy, David Decoste, with a proven track record of serving his district and country with a winning personality who can join forces with conservatives to uproot the corruption and incompetence on Beacon Hill. It is time for Rockland to elect a representative who holds our values and ideals. daviddecoste027c






David Decoste for State Rep.