Meet Hayley Sabella

June 4, 2014


hal2The soft earthtone, hand made CD case with it’s beautiful, subtle artwork is a great metaphor for the style of this rising star out of Plymouth Massachusetts. Haley Sabella is a one of kind artist who’s simple beauty, rural apparel and humble demeanor might cause her to go unnoticed in the bling and bang of the local music scene.  Haley is an unassuming character who is meek and mild when greeted with an unexpected  kind soul that is graced with  natural  magnetism and friendliness. Her no frills persona does not even hint at the vast talent that lies within her as she takes the stage solo armed only with a Gibson guitar. As she begins to perform a thousand stereotypes, prejudices and expectations fall to the floor revealing this specimen of God given talent right before your eyes. Her voice is angelic as she begins her mesmerizing repertoire of hay3original music. Fans are transported from their seats directly into the heart and soul of this bright young farm girl from America’s hometown. Visions of Jewel and Joni Mitchel meld with Tracy Chapman and Sara Mclachlan with Dylanesque lyrics as Hayley reveals her soul and your own as you look into  the windows of her eyes .  Sabella drew wild  applause from everyone in the Club Passim room this Monday night as her music played our heartstrings as well as the ones guitar.  After the show we got to see the lighter side of this emerging star. She has a delightful smile that illuminates her being leaving you in awe.


hay4Haley Sabella is the complete package, the rugged and simple cloak of a local farm hand, the wit, charm and beauty of a city diva and bottomless well of talent that is second to none in the music world.



Her new album  King Solomon is a masterpiece. The songwriting is fresh, new, bright and enlightening.  Get yourself a copy today you’ll never be the same.


Hayley Sabella is also on Jo Henley’s new Album Around These Parts being released this summer.Haley accompanies Andy Campiletio and crew giving new magic to the Jo Henley sound. This kid is the real deal. Check your local listings to see her playing around the south shore while you can still see this world class act without a hundred dollar ticket.


Sabella with the Mighty Jo Henley Band Club Passim June 2 2014